About Trinity

Clergy and Staff

The Rt. Rev. William Ilgrenfritz, Bishop
The Very Rev. Michael Penfield, Vicar General
The Rev. Canon Allan S. Graves, Rector
The Rev. Michael Lama, Deacon
The Rev. Carl F. Loeb, Deacon
The Rev. Michael E. Odell, Deacon
Mr. Larry Steffy, Senior Warden
Mr. Bob Eberle
Mrs. Shirley Shakarian
Mrs. Marie Odell
Mr. John White

What is an Anglican?
As Anglican Christians, our beliefs come from several sources:

  1. The Holy Bible (also referred to as the Holy Scriptures) is the highest authority for our beliefs, as God’s inspired “Word Written.” It is through the Bible that God’s Holy Spirit reveals God’s Truth to us, and that we are to conform our lives to its teachings.
  2. The early Creeds of the Church, which we accept as orthodox interpretations of the doctrines which are found in the Holy Bible.
  3. Anglicans also look to the “Articles of Religion” (also called “The 39 Articles”) as a way to show our distinctiveness in belief from Roman Catholicism and Calvinism. This has been called the Via Media, or the “middle way.” The Articles of Religion were relegated to the “Historical Documents” section of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (page 867).

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